Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mussoorie Mission Team Kick Off!

Well we had a great meeting last night to start planning for our next mission trip to Mussoorie (2/27-3/9/2010). We will be leading our second retreat at Woodstock school and also producing their chapel service (can you say hano hou)!

Thank you for sister Chris Ogino for leading our prayer team.
TJ/Ben/Elise/Kamu :) will be leading our retreat and chapel service
Praying for a Home Team Leader
Barbara returning in running our trip devotionals + multiple other areas.

We wanted to welcome back the Heidi who will be leading our fundraising initiatives! She already is building a strong team (yea Barb and Jill) and we will be mobilizing early to take advantage of the holiday season for our upcoming silent auction. This was a huge success for the last trip and it wasn't even the holiday season.

These were some of the initiatives that we will be moving toward:
1. TJ doing annoucements this Sunday to kick off our mission and fundraising drive!
2. Bulletin annoucements this Sunday asking people to donate items and services for our upcoming holiday silent auction. (I want my slave labor and auto detailing! Yea. Hey that Banker's Club lunch was pretty hot too!!) (The silent auction will probably start the weekend after Thanksgiving and continue into the first several weeks of December.) We will cap off the last weekend of our auction with our traditional Taste of Mussoorie with tickets that we hope to presell by the hundreds. (Heidi is looking for someone to run the food part of the silent auction...so if you are interested in helping here or any where else...please email her at pualahaole@gmail.com.)
3. We will also be having a mission table this Sunday...so please drop by and get involved!
4. Alex Cheng will also be stepping up to the plate leading our awareness/promotion campaign.
a. He will be designing a powerpoint slide for our Sunday annoucements.
b. He will be leading our social network awareness campaign.
c. He will be designing a graphic for our church web site
d. He will be creating a video that will share our hear for the children of Mussoorie.
e. He will work with Ben Lin and Barb in creating display testimonials of the children.
5. We will restart our Change for Jesus campaign. Start saving your loose coins!
6. We talked about a drawing for amazing prizes during the weekends that the auction is live.
7. We talked about individuals who are going on the trip to ask for support donations rather than Christmas gifts.

Many more ideas! Man we all were Holy Spirit inspired. Proud of all of you for your strong call to Ashish, Dhan, Nixon and Girish and how God has faithfully allowed us to partner with them to touch a nation.
Our next meeting is 11/16 at 6PM at the Arita's. Please RSVP to Creighton at carita@teampraxis.com if you are interested in attending. Ashish and the children are fasting and praying for us that we would have a strong start and the right people are called to serve on our team! Jai Masiki

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  1. wow..we too will join you all in prayer, as you plan and prepare for all this.
    The Lord's hand be with you all!!