Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boys' Exam Result and God's Grace

It is one more miracle we witnessed today.

Out of all the boys studying in St. Clare's School, we got the report cards for them saying that Subham and Anil had failed the exams. Well, failing in that school costs one more year and loss of huge amount of money, approximately 15000 rupees for each child. So hearing two of them had failed was a little discouraging for us.

But today (Sunday !!!), the teachers of this school paid a visit to the Home. Well, they had never paid a visit to us any time before. While spending time with us, they inquired about the final results of the boys. When we said two of the boys had failed, they asked us for the report cards.

Surprisingly, Anil had passed in all the subjects in the final exam, with approximately 52%. But since he had lost two months in the beginning of the year -- being held at the ashram and the impact of that experience -- he did not do well in the beginning. Unfortunately, all the unit test marks get counted at the end of the year, so overall he had scored only 39%. To get promoted to the next class he needed 40%... so for 1% he would have to sit in the same class another year.

But when the teachers understood that he had lost two months in the beginning of the year and had still scored 52% in the final exams, showing very good improvement, they wanted to consider his results again. They took back his report card and said that he would be promoted to the next class!

This is such a tremendous blessing and praiseworthy event for us for two reasons:

First, we had accepted Anil's results and were thinking to change his school, as we thought this school might be too hard for him. But God unexpectedly brought his teachers to the Home -- in fact, one teacher confessed that God had brought them on behalf of Anil -- and God graciously kept Anil in this school in his promoted grade. Had the teachers not come to visit us, then Anil would be sitting in the same class in another school thinking that he is not good enough to study in the same school. So I thank GOD for this miracle. Secondly, it is a financial blessing as well.

The other boys, including Amit, Mahender, Rahul, Neeraj, Saurabh, Sandeep, Bishan, and surely many others, are doing extremely well in their studies. Indian education is so demanding that not all can pass with the flying color, but somehow we want to see a change in the academic atmospehere in the Home. Thanks for all your prayers and support.



  1. This is such fabulous news! I am so excited for the boys. I hope that when we come in March we will be able to visit St. Clare's and meet the boys' teachers. Maika'i, boys!

  2. God is so Good. That is fabulous news!

  3. God's love is all around ! Praise God for His unconditional love for His children. Thank you for sharing the good news ! I pray that Anil and Subham will shine God's light at school and anoint everyone with their spirit...

    aunty chris

  4. Pastor Ashish,
    Please uplift and encourage Shubham for me. Let him know that Uncle Dean loves him very much and believes in him and his dream to one day help others. Life is not about setbacks, but how we get back up after one.

    Blessings to all!