Friday, December 18, 2009

A Fun time with the boys

Yesterday, I took the nine of our boys to Kalsang, a Chinese restaurant for dinner to give them a treat after a long day hard work in the new building, that is coming up where the big boys used to stay, we need to finish the work before the team arrives in Feb 28. Well, it was a great fun time for us, one of the boys, Subham saw the spoon was big, but not too big enough which can not enter his mouth, started eating with the serving spoon, though it was little uncomfortable,until Bhagchand noticed and gave him the smaller spoon.
Since we were ten of us were there, the max bill I was expecting was eight to nine hundred rupees,because it was not a expensive restaurant.And when the bill came I first looked at the paper and saw 777 rupees, I thought the food was very cheap, but noticed a paper was covering the bill, when I removed the paper, I found that it was hiding one number from the total cost, there was a number 1 before 777, so the total cost was 1777. Wow, my boys can eat a lot.
Now, I took out 2000 rupees and placed inside the folder and gave the waiter, I didn't realize that one boy, Suraj, was noticing me. So when the waiter brought the left over money, 223 (225) rupees, I took the 2 hundred rupees and left the change inside. Now, Suraj, thinking I was making a mistake, immediately speaks up, Bhaiya, there is a five rupees inside, as he didn't expect that anybody could leave a 25 rupees inside, he didn't see the other 20 rupees inside otherwise he would have screamed.Giving tips is not in our culture. We had a memorable night with the boys.


  1. Wow that sounds like you all had a grand time! I love Chinese food!! Would have loved to have seen a picture of you all. Must have been so funny to see Subham eating with the serving spoon :)

  2. Good job ! Everyone ! Enjoy a good meal with each other - God blessed all of you with an enjoyable time together and good food...

    aunty chris