Sunday, December 13, 2009

LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE - Sharing Success Story

Truly an awesome time as our young Missionaries got an opportunity to spread the word, and testify the love and message of our Lord. This school has about 250 students belonging to all different kinds of faiths and our little ambassadors did a great job in sharing the real Christmas message through Dramas, Skits, Choreographies,activities, songs and testimonies.
We had to do separate sessions for different age groups and classes.

The Impact was so powerful as the presence of the Lord was so tangible and strong, as we saw students shouting in joy, clapping in excitement and many were in tears as our kids were sharing their testimonies and doing skits such as "Allegiange- Born to die" and " Lifehouse" etc.

Teachers of the School came up to me and said your... "kids were awesome, they were not simply performing but there is life , energy, the Spirit and such honesty and sincerity in everything they did.... Overwhelming !!"

All Glory and praise be to our Heavenly Father , who did great things beyond expectations !

Thanking our good Lord as, this was the first time our Children got such a chance to go out , stay in a brand new hotel, get treated so nicely by the hotel and the host school as well, had lots of good food , travel and fun.

Please Pray that our Kids would get more such opportunities in the future to share what they have in their lives and what many other Children out there in the world don't....Who else.....



  1. So proud of you all--children and adults--for taking that step of faith to allow God to work through you all in this way. Know indeed that God will present you with more opportunities now that you have shown him your faithfulness with what you do have.

    Love you all. So PROUD!
    Didi (beaming with joy!)

  2. God's presence is surely all around ! Praise God for His disciples to give the Good News and share your love for HIM ! Thank you for sharing,its a joy to hear and see God's seeds planted in India !

    love u,
    aunty chris

  3. Hey Nixon,
    Way to fulfill ephesians 4 and equip the saints for the work of the mininstry vs. doing the ministry yourself. WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT-He who is faithful in the little can be trusted with much.


  4. Hey TJ !

    Thank you so much for the inputs from your side...Remember! I asked your help during the planning phase. Thanks for sharing your resources... God bless you brother !!