Monday, January 11, 2010

46 Days and Counting...

The Travel Team (plus special guests!) met this evening at Creighton's. We reviewed where each person was as far as accomplishing their tasks to get ready. Looking forward to reading the rest of the introductory notes on this blog! (Thank you, Fred, Barbara, Tim & Alex, for introducing... or re-introducing... yourselves!)

To review what each person needs to accomplish, see the link:

We also shared insights that God is impressing on each of us as time draws near as well as one thing that we are doing physically, mentally, or spiritually to prepare ourselves for the trip. Thank you each one for sharing. I know one thing that God is doing is drawing us closer as a team and a family.

Fred & Tim gave the update on the computers for the computer lab. So thankful for techies that can use their skills for the Lord!

TJ & Kamu shared details about the Woodstock Retreat and Chapel Service. Things are still fleshing out, but with what we've heard so far, I can't wait! Thanks to the Woodstock students who are already recruiting students to come to the retreat. You are awesome!!

39 days left to raise the funds needed for the trip. Please pray for this part of the trip; God is just waiting to pour down blessings. And TJ mentioned fasting... there is still time to do a 40-day fast if you so choose. Also a 30-day... or a 21-day... or whatever you hear God calling you to. Just move in instant obedience, as Linsey shared.

The next meeting is Monday, January 25th at 6:00 p.m. Looking forward to it!

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