Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Time Ocean Experience

I don't have words to express the feelings of the boys when they saw the sea. All of them wondering about how could such thing happen, so much water in one place. Surely they have seen the glory of God, after this their expressions were, only God can do such thing.
The boys could hardly wait to jump in the water as soon as we reached there after a five hour journey. Let the pictures speak, I tried my best to capture these moments for you all.


  1. Clearly no words were needed to show us the joy the boys were experiencing. I could almost hear the ocean, and hear their screams of joy as they jump and splash around the waves. Like the kids here on the beach! I'm so glad Guddu had the opportunity to participate. Did he like it?

    I'm ashamed to say the first time I had been to the beach in 20 years was in July 2008, when Pastor Fernando baptized me!!

    What a wonderful vacation!

    Love to all,

    Bo didi

  2. Now we are touching one another, because the same ocean that caresses your shore caresses ours. And now you know so much more about where we live. Love the smiles! I can hear the laughter in the pictures. And I LOVE the fact that several of those photos were taken from IN the water! Thank you for sharing this moment with us. In God's time, we will experience it together.

    Love you all,

  3. Your beaches are as nice as ours and seems like its a lot less crowded. The boys are having more fun then anyone else I have seen. A pure joy of the Lord. One day they will play on our beaches.