Friday, January 1, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Pastor Ashish and his family are traveling to Orissa (Ashish's family home and now orphanage for the children of the Orissa martyrs) with 14 of the children for the holidays. They are on the train now and will arrive on the 3rd, after about 1,100 miles*. Please be in prayer for their safe travel. And pray for those left behind to take care of the Firs: BC, Lucky, Anil & Krishna and their mother Sobha, and the rest of the staff.

He will be posting as time and connection permit. And get excited: the children will be getting their first glimpse of the ocean! Six hours from Ashish's home, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean wait for their discovery and sense of wonder. We will be looking forward to their impressions!

*A little more than the distance from Seattle to San Diego.

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  1. thank you Didi, for posting onbehalf for us,we had a very safe trip, apart from little hassle, but largely it was a fun trip so far. I will be updating soon about this trip,
    love and regards