Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In India

We finally have some internet here at the Firs. God has been moving so greatly here in our team and all the things that He has planned for woodstock. I can already sense a peace walking into our retreat that God's hand is all over it.

The big news that probably everyone is asking is, "how is Kamu's health?" The past 2 times that I have been here in India, I've been bed ridden at least once and had to really physically push myself to do normal tasks. Well, it brings me great great great joy to inform everyone that I am healthy and strong. With all the prayers that have been covering me, I am alive and well. Seema (Ashish's wife) has been cooking for me almost 3 meals a day (pancakes, fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes, saimin with egg and chicken, french toast, waffles) I feel very spoiled by all this hospitality but Seema assured me that it is more of a blessing for her to cook for me.

For me, ever since we arrived here, I've been seeking the Lord on what He wants to reveal to me. Every morning we've been able to have a time of prayer, devotions and worship. In this time, it's like Heaven on earth with God's presence overflowing amongst our team. For me, I am open to whatever the Lord has for me. And even if it's not some cataclysmic word or revelation from God, I know that God is moving.

The boys are so awesome. We brought a sound system up again and now that the power equations work (240v - 110v) the boys have been non stop on playing the e-drums we brought up the last time. This thing is the hottest item in Mussoorie. They still worship in the mornings. I can't explain to you how much of an example they are to me on how to worship. I continue to learn new things about worship as I sing to the Lord with them.

This morning, I journaled on Mark 10:52 - "Go," said Jesus, "your faith has healed you." Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.

My prayer for all of you that are reading is that your faith would be increased. We very often understand the truth of what saying, God can do the impossible means. But I personally am so convicted every time that I am here on how little my faith is compared to these boys here at the Firs. I desire to have more faith in God and less of what I am capable of.

Continue to pray for us as we begin our retreat at woodstock in 2 days.

Jai Masiki,


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  1. aloha to seema!
    i cannot express in simple english words how grateful i am for how you have embraced kamu and our team. thank you for taking such good care of them. please be covered with my thankful overflowing heart of love to you and everyone at firs who have welcomed the team into your home and into your hearts. everytime they leave hawaii for firs, i feel a part of me leaves with them. everytime they return, i feel that same part return but changed and refreshed and filled with more of God's love! it's a gift from God! someday we will meet. i am certain of it.....may the Lord bless you and keep you. may His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.
    lovingly in Jesus,