Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reading for Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deuteronomy 16-18; Psalm 38; Galatians 2

I’m exhausted and completely crushed. My groans come from an anguished heart. --Psalm 38:8

I know, I know... I may be taking this verse out of context. But you know very well it describes closely how you feel after the ministry marathon of the last two weeks. David the psalmist is talking about the burden of sin and its painful consequences. Interestingly, the burden of ministry has a similar effect on people, especially after a heavy duty short term mission trip like the one you just went through. Even when you depend on the Holy Spirit for strength, as things go back to normal, you can feel the toll on your body. You are exhausted, and your body is aching in places you did not know you had before! On top of that, you are also experiencing an anguished heart. And chances are good that spiritually you are starting to feel depleted. For some of you the excitement of what happened in the mission field will turn into a trial in your home field.

If you start to feel this way, take good courage! There is nothing wrong with you. You are going through the same pains all the heroes of the faith before you went through as they gave themselves sacrificially for the sake of the kingdom of God.

When going through these kinds of emotions, remember two things:
1. You have a vicious enemy who hates everything about God's plan for your life and is ticked off at your obedience during this mission trip. He will try to get to you in any way possible to discourage you. But even though our spiritual enemy is active, he has been defeated at the cross! There is nothing the enemy can do that God cannot overcome.
2. You have a powerful God who loves you and has used you in mighty ways during the last couple of weeks. His power is never ending. He will continue to sustain you after the trip. Keep depending on Him, just as you were depending on him before and during the trip. He is not done with you. He will continue using you in great and wonderful ways.

During this time after the trip, make sure you take good care of yourself. Rest plenty, as much as you can. Worship God like the kids in the orphanage–with a sincere heart. And find the next opportunity to serve... right away. It may not be in the mountains of India, but rather in your own home. Not necessarily to people of another country, but to the people in your own family. This will also make a huge impact in the kingdom.

You are precious to the kingdom of God and there is more ahead for you!

Much love,

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  1. Well, the after effect of the mission trip is same both side. The boys really miss you all, and since they go to school, at least for a larger part of the day they keep themselves occupy. But surely we have been infused with new strength after the ministry of the team.
    Thank you Pastor for blessing us.
    love you