Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reflecting the Team's Visit

It is always painful and with very mixed feelings we say bye to the Hawaii Team. Every time the team comes, we witness a transformation in the community. It might not be visible while the team is here, but we can see the impact later. You revive us with new vigor; the whole atmosphere charges up; we reach a new level each time.

For many reasons this trip was very special to us. God reaffirmed to us that He is the Lord of this relationship. If not for Him we would not have known each other. There are thousands of God's work going on all around the world, but Lord the Holy Spirit brought us together to join hands and fulfill the task that He has bestowed upon us.

Woodstock is coming back to God. You are the instrument to bring the revival. It is beyond my imagination how the Lord uses His people. I had never seen so much conviction of the Holy Spirit in that school before. Yes, we are kingdom partners and Christ is the head of this ministry.

This time one of the special blessings was Kamu and Bruce's driving on the hills, even apart from the blessing that they bring through their ministry. Both of them are so gifted, and they adapt themselves to this crazy traffic so easily. I am really impressed. Next time onwards they drive their own; when they come, we don't need any driver.

The boys are really excited about the computer lab. It is a dream come true. Today all of them used the lab, and surely it has given a big moral boost to each of us. They are learning to type. I am sure we will see a mighty transformation from all directions inside out in the days to come.

We were so blessed by the team, as the boys have just returned from their villages and started to go to school this week. We are charged up to march forward with new strength.

Thank you Pastor Creighton and the team. Love you. May you have a safe journey home, and God bless you all.

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  1. Dear Pastor Ashish,Seema and everyone ~
    Thank you for your hospitality and God's love in you for sharing your home with our Hawaii team. As I read and saw in the videos the smiles and joy of the children, I know that the team was blessed as we were before. I pray for your recovery and rest as we all reflect the miracles of our God.

    love u and miss u a lot!
    aunty chris