Friday, March 5, 2010

Special Days-Thank You NHDH Church.

God always is gracious and powerful, in spite of our failures. I will remember this mistake all my life, I was responsible to book the train tickets for 16 people from Delhi to Dehradun, we could only book for six people in one tickets so we needed three different tickets. But we had made a big mistake which I had not discovered until 10 minutes before the train leaves. One of the tickets which had 6 people in it was dated wrong, so we lost 6 berths, the tickets were booked long ago and were sitting in my desk since two months but I had never noticed that date mistake, well to cut a long story short, once again in my life I saw it proven that when we come to our end, GOD begins His work. So many questions were going over my mind, but deep with in I knew GOD is in control, we got six berths to sleep with in half an hour.

It is always special days for us as a family in Mussoorie to be reunited with the family that God has given to us graciously. We don't deserve this but God is on the throne and He gives His children beyond our asking and thinking. Without doubt, we do taste what God's love, grace and care through you folks, ever since we know you.
For many reasons this was a very special trip, as for the first time the boys will not be shifting anywhere to accommodate our precious folks. We had just recently finished renovating the house, thank you all for your generosity.
When we started the renovation we had never imagined that we could ever be able to build such a big house. But God gives the best always, and we received this house as a gift from Him through His people.
GOD has given us beyond asking and thinking by providing us a computer lab. I know there are more opportunities for the boys for their future. We can see many years ahead by faith and know how the Lord is leading us ahead. Yes, for an awesome purpose GOD has joined us together. Many lives will be touched by the love of God and many people will come to the Kingdom of God. As we continue to walk in partnership, my prayer and heart desire is that God would bless each one of this big family and may each of us decrease each day and let Him continue to increase.
Thank you NHDH for sending sacrificially your missionaries, the ambassadors of God’s love to revive, encourage and empower us.
Yes, a day will come when we all will be in heaven and spend our eternity in His presence, till then as we live in different parts of the world we are one through the cross and pray that may His Spirit continue to guide and lead us.


  1. Ashish,
    It's so amazing on how God always shows up. Thank you for your steadfastness in your walk with Him. Indeed we all look forward to the celebration together in heaven.
    To God be the glory!

  2. My dear Ashish...

    Do NOT berate yourself about the tickets! It all turned out good (thanks be to God) You have so much on your mind and so many to tend for. There are so many needing but only one Ashish!

    I've had goat once in my life but forget how it tastes. Let me know how it is.

    Can you feel my spirit there? I tell myself that my spirit is there so that I'm not sad about missing ANOTHER mission!