Monday, March 1, 2010



It's 430am on Tuesday morn and we are ready to begin day 2 in
mussoorie. As you can imagine, most of us feel like we've been here a
week already because of the sense of family!

The Holy Spirit has touched each of us in a special Roy and
Timmy share..totally life changing!

After many days of traveling, we arrived on the morning! We spent
time getting to know the boys and went to Woodstock to meet with the
staff and student leaders! The staff is so excited and you can see
how He has totally aligned our hearts with a common purpose! No
struggles...just wanting to allow a safe environment for the students
to ask questions about this relationship with Jesus.

What excites me is from the prior retreat ee did here in Nov, we have
about 8-9 student leaders who will be helping us lead the retreat!
Kaboom! Moreover we have over 50 students signed up already..more
than double what we had the last time! Today we go down to Woodstock
to eat lunch with the students to being visibility to the retreat and
we are brainstorming on how to accomodate more!!! I know without a
doubt that God has orchestrated all this because of the way He has
tied our hearts together!

So much more..we dedicated a guest home on the Boys home...and the
team is staying in this beautiful facility. It sleeps 12 and will be a
place for pastors and students at Woodstock to find time for rest and
solitude here at mussoorie! His word tells us in quietness and trust
is our strength! We always have dreamed about building a retreat
center here and it's unreal to see the fruition of His faithfulness!

We are also setting up a computer lab at this new facility! Timmy and
Fred have a mission and the will be building rooms with whiteboards
and netbooks with our open source curriculum mgmt software to resource
the Woodstock alumni and students to tutor the boys..and in return you
know what happens is we all leave changed because of their faith that
God is worthy of our trust!

Lastly we celebrated p Ashish and seemas 5th year anniv with dinner,
cake and ice cream a custom design card and a special gift from all of
us! They cut the cake together and we prayed that the Lord will
continue to bear eternal fruit through their marriage.

We all slept early and pacing ourselves for the rest of the week!
Please keep us in your prayers that we would continue to be guided not
by our plans, desires, emotions but by Him! Allow us to move
prophetically and prayerfully!

Thank you for all that have made this mission possible! Much Love!

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  1. Praise God for His workmanship ! Good job everyone ! Our prayers go forth to you and to our brothers and sisters in Mussoorie ! Be safe and rest in HIM.
    Congratulations Pastor Ashish and Seema. Our prayers are with you as you serve God.
    Aunty Chris

  2. Hey team! This is Taylor speaking from home. Gosh I envy everyone who is up there in india. Make sure to say hi for me and that I miss everyone dearly. Praying for you guys becsuse I know how rough it can be up there.