Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Multiplication through Partnership

Dear People of GOD, it has taken me a long gap to write in the blog this time. Sometimes no news is good news. Yes, we have seen the goodness of the Lord each day of our lives. It is because of His faithfulness we are all safe and growing.

Most of you know my sister Anupama, who works in Delhi among the girls who are rescued from high risk areas. She recently paid us a visit with her 6 girls and two staffers. Since the boys are on their summer vacation, we all had a great time with the children.

The boys are doing well. Recently we have made a major shift among our staff: we have taken Raja and Sundri in the place of Rajni Aunty to take care of the children; this will give Seema and me more freedom to concentrate on the mission field. Bhagchand is a great blessing: he takes care of all the transportation for the Orphanage. Both Raja and Bhagchand are products of our ministry in Mussoorie, and we have seen their lives and know that they are submissive and of proven characters. I have no doubt in my heart that they are the people whom the Lord is raising up for strengthening this ministry.

I see a big work going on in India. God is using us to build the lives of these children. There are at least three places--Mussoorie, Orissa and Delhi--where we now have children homes. The Orissa Orphanage is growing; we have taken 24 children in at that Home now, out of which 16 are complete orphans.

We are are interlinked. The work is growing through partnership, and all glory is to God! I believe God has called each one of us to join our hearts and hands in partnership, to not to seek our own glory but the glory of the One who is Eternal and sits upon the throne. He has promised that He will not leave us alone. Beloved, it is a triune partnership to see His kingdom come.


  1. It is so good to see how well everyone is doing! And what a blessing to see the fruit of our partnership in more and more orphaned children being saved and ministered to through our united ministry.

    Anu, so good to "meet" your children and your staffers. I hope we can truly meet them soon.

    And Ashish, you have another home in Kashmir as well! The ministry is truly blessed by God!

    Our love to you all!

  2. Oh, and I see you are enjoying my favorite: egg curry!