Friday, July 30, 2010

God interrupts our regularly scheduled life...

Two days ago, Seema and I went to market to buy rations for ourselves. As Seema took her time to purchase vegetables and others things, Levi and I waited in the vehicle. After about 15 minutes, Seema returned to the vehicle with the rations. It was just another day--we were doing our normal day-to-day things, and I didn't realize something very special was about to happen.

We were ready to leave the market, not very far from Clare Mount (the girls' home). As I began to start the ignition, a pregnant lady came from behind and asked, "Bhaiya (brother), please give me a lift in your vehicle." Before I could say yes or no, she was so desperately tired she climbed inside. I asked where she was going, and she said to the Landour Community Hospital. We knew she wasn't going for a regular check up, since it was evening, 7 pm, a very unusual time for anyone to visit the hospital. We found out that in fact her husband was sick. Both lungs are damaged, and for last five years he has been unable to earn anything because of the sickness.

They already have three children, and the fourth is on the way. They had not planned for the fourth child, as she had done the surgery, but as she said, God is bringing all the trouble. They don't want the baby. She is in her ninth month, and the doctors have told her that she has to go for a C section this time as the baby is in a very odd position in the womb. She does not have money, so she said she will not do the C section, and during the delivery anything can happen. Surely there is risk of life for both mother and child. She said if they had known about the pregnancy, they could have aborted the child, but since they came to know in a later stage, now she can't do the abortion, nor does she want to keep the baby.

I asked her, if we would take the child would she give it to us? Hearing this, she got so excited and said, Please take this child, but you will have to pay for my C section costs.

Instead of dropping her off where we had to turn left to go home, I drove her to the hospital, as Seema had to buy something anyway. I really wanted to visit her husband, but knowing that Seema would be waiting, I left the woman at the hospital and went back to pick up Seema.

We since learned that the husband died yesterday, and many questions started flowing through my brain. I wish I could have met this man, but I forced myself to believe that God is in control and that this man got a chance to hear the gospel and pray the sinner's prayer before he died. I prayed for Sunita, the woman, that God would continue to show us His plan, as He is the one who brought her so strangely and suddenly into our lives.

Today they took the body for cremation. I met Sunita's other children, who had come to the mortuary to pay the last tribute to their father. They are two boys, ages 8 and 4, and a daughter, age 3.

I believe God has a plan for this family. Please pray with us that He will continue to reveal it.


A wonderful postscript to this story...

I learned that Puspa's brother had the opportunity to share the gospel with the husband before he died, and that he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. Sunita had told her husband that she had found a bhaiya (brother) who would take their newborn baby. The man, knowing that he was gravely ill, said that now he could die in peace, knowing already that his wife who had supported the five of them for five years would still be able to take care of his family and that now his newborn would be taken care of as well. They live in the valley about 7 miles from the Firs. I will be visiting them tomorrow. Please pray for this family. Their extended family did not approve of the wedding, so Sunita has no support from them. We are blessed to be her new family.


  1. Ashish,
    Wow, what an interesting event. We'll definitely lift up Sunita and the child and God's will for the family. Thanks for sharing. You'll never know when an ordinary day turns extraordinary.
    God bless brother,

  2. Ashish,
    It is so encouraging to see you extend the love of God in such a pure fashion. I rejoice to see how God saved him and also put a magnificent finish on the story by having his family intersect with you.
    I continually think of you all in my prayers!!


  3. So help me to understand.... did Sunita give up the baby to you and Seema?