Saturday, July 3, 2010

SNA with Joe

I had the privilege to bless our family with their lei tonight! Can't wait to spend more time with them. Heidi said she enjoyed spending the day with them tremendously!

The Pimental family checking out their day at the beach on the teamfaith blog!

Getting ready to rock with Jesus!

Not quite used to being on this side of the camera!

Awesome worship team! Kamu, TJ (!), Bruce, Rachele (out of the picture, but rocking the keyboard stage right), and Tenny (stage left, on the drums).


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  2. Wow ! MAA!! I am so so so happy,to see you in Hawaii. You look great and very beautiful. There are so many very good friends of mine and I know they will really take good care of you. All of them are very much like you. Love you so much. Miss you.