Thursday, August 26, 2010

God makes all things beautiful: Sunita and the baby boy

We finally brought Sunita to the hospital on the 25th in the afternoon. The doctors had given her due date as the 18th, but no call came. We waited a week, thinking any time she would call us. Her house is deep in a valley, the path leading to her house narrow and very steep. We knew if her labor pain started then it would be very difficult for her to walk up the hill. She didn't want to come early and wait for the labor to come in the hospital as there are three other children to feed. So we waited.

But on the afternoon of the 25th, we felt that now it was time for her to come up. We know His people have a blessing of the leading of the Holy Spirit, so we were believing because we know that God is interested in the goings-on of His people. And true to God's promptings, Sunita's labor started the same evening, and yesterday she gave birth to a perfect little baby boy, weighing 3 Kilo 800 gm (8.377 pounds). Surely the hand of the Lord is upon this child. None of our children weighed that much at the time of their birth. I am amazed to see how this lady--so saddened after the death of her husband, plus not having the luxury to eat even regular normal meals--could give birth to such a healthy child. Not to forget that she had done the family planning for not having another child... all these strikes make this baby all the more special.

The parents who want to adopt this child arrived at our home the same day we brought Sunita up to the hospital. They had traveled for three days in the train. What perfect timing! They especially thought so: it was their child about to be born, and, boy or girl, they were equally excited and happy to be with the lady during this special moment.

God is so good, always doing beyond our asking and imagining. I am so happy for this child that he now has a family where he can grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. May the Lord be glorified and let His kingdom grow and His will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

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