Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update on Sunita's Story

I am excited to share some updates on my story about Sunita, the pregnant woman whom God joyously plopped into our lives!

A few days back, Seema, Levi and I went to visit Sunita at her one-room house. It amazed me that five people used to live there! Even now with four--Sunita and her three small children--it is very small, the kitchen, drawing room and bedroom all in one! They have had no electricity for the last 7 years.

Sunita shared with me some hospital papers which she had received in 2007 after undergoing a C-section and tubal ligation for the birth of her now three-year-old daughter in the Government Hospital in Mussoorie. Though she and her family are illiterate, she had a sense of what that papers said. But with her husband's illness and the unexpected pregnancy (and no extended family support), she has not been able until now to ask for any help regarding the content of the hospital papers.

In the papers, there is a provision that in such cases where pregnancy occurs after such a procedure, the government will take responsibility and pay to the concerned family 20,000 rupees. So we took the papers and went to the Government Hospital, where we met the person in charge. The hospital knew about the current situation of this widow and promised that they would help her to get her 20,000 rupees. This is a lot for this family in a time such as this. Even after the baby is born she can receive this money. I am thankful that God, through the governmental provision, has provided a means for this family as well as paying for the C-section.

As to the adoption of the baby... Seema and I had been thinking and waiting upon the Lord regarding the adoption of this child, but honestly, neither of us was feeling the peace of God about taking this baby. We needed to make a quick decision, as Sunita will be delivering in two weeks. God was silent about us taking this child, but we knew that He would reveal to us His plan for this child soon.

Now, a few months back, one of God's servants from Orissa had come to my house asking if there were any babies to adopt. There were none at the time, and since then I had lost his contact number. I was thinking about him and his request, and wishing that he would call me in these days. And once again in this whole adventure, God joyfully surprised me! The man, who has never called me since that day, called me yesterday evening, inquiring as to whether we had a baby yet. So I knew that here is a family prepared beforehand by the Lord for this child. And though I hadn't shared my thoughts about this family with Seema, she was also in her heart thinking about these servants of God in Orissa who had no children and were seeking to adopt one.

Today is a great day, as Sunita is coming to the hospital for check up. We will go with her to appointment.

Please be in prayer with us: that the child is safe; that the mother is happy to give this child to this needy family; and especially that, as we join this family in their journey of life, they may find Jesus.

May the Lord receive all the glory.


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