Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guddu, the Champion

Dear Family and Friends,
I have got an exciting news, Guddu receives new legs now. But our experience with the hospital in Jaipur is not at all pleasant. In fact from the top doctors to the workers all discouraged us, and it was very demoralizing. We arrived on the 11th Oct, all the works that would have taken only about 6 hour but it took 4 days for us to have the work done. Every one who checked Guddu said, he can never walk.
Yes, from a natural point of view it is impossible but with God nothing is too difficult.
Well for Guddu it is a long waited dream came true. While he was about 3 years old, he had a sore in his back, and his spinal cord was cut during the surgery, whether it was a mistake by the doctors we don't know, but there was a time when Guddu was a complete normal boy and used to run around like any other normal child.
When his spinal cord was cut, he obviously lost feelings from below his belly bottom. So he used to drag himself around not feeling the pains. He developed more sores in his legs, and the doctors had to amputate his leg to save his life.
He used to live on diapers all though these years, but the Lord heard our cry for him and healed him in 2009, he was healed and got back his senses, his spinal cord was restored. He stopped using the diapers.
We all believe when the Lord has done such a impossible miracle for him, he can give him ability to walk also. No wander the doctors can refuse him but God is alive.

Guddu needs a lot of physical exercise which he has started already, a very determined boy. When every one said he can't walk, so no use of giving artificial legs.Guddu replied them saying,just give me anyway, and I will show you walking.
They had not seen the miracles that Guddu had already received.

During our stay in Jaipur, though the hospital experience was very difficult. But God gave us a family who really took care of Guddu and me, and were very encouraging, we were able to share the Gospel with them.

People of God please lift Guddu in your prayers, when the world has denied that he can ever able to walk, and discouraged him, lets believe with Guddu that nothing is impossible with God.


  1. Such exciting news from you all! I am really looking forward to seeing how God will use all this wonderful news to glorify Himself even more!

  2. What super wonderful news Guddu!! You've been an inspiration to me all the way back when Ellen didi first came to Mussoorie in 2007. Your new life is just beginning!!