Friday, October 1, 2010

Raja & Sundri- A Blessing to the Boys' Home

Recently we had gone to Orissa, to visit my family and the children home there. We were out for 20 days, this is for the first time we were gone for such a long time. But Raja and Sundri, who have moved into the Boys Home since last few months have been a great blessing to carry the burden along with us. They are blessed with two sons, the elder one is Arpit (3 years), and Arman (3 months). They are doing a great work to look after the boys.

Our trip to Orissa was very fruitful, we met the new children, 12 of them, some of them are even smaller than Levi.The Lord is moving mightily in Orissa, the state which has seen a lots of persecution against the Church recently is experiencing a move of the Lord now. we could go and minister in a young church where the pastor is an about 18 years old young woman and has brought more than 100 people into the Lord.

Can't thank God enough for the wonderful work He is doing in our lives.
with much love


  1. Aloha Raja & Sundri!
    Your children are so beautiful! So thankful for God's calling on your lives to serve the children of the Firs. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

  2. Aloha Raja and Sundri! Can't wait to break bread and drink some coffee or chai with you both! We are grateful for your heart and love for the work in Mussoorie!