Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God is with us

Keep praying. That is what I have learned on this trip. A very real world has been revealed, within, as well as without. I think I have experienced every emotion humanly possible in such a short amount of time! along with witnessing God's unfathomable Love and the world's uncompromising reality leaves me dumbfounded in the place i stand now.
Serving God is a privelege, a gift...for what greater purpose is there to live? for He reveals to us our hearts through our faithful obedience; through our participation for His Kingdom He leads us to Him....but this walk is certainly through fire.
And what can we do as we approach, what can we do as we are consumed by the flames, as we make our way in fulfilling His will, and as we seek answers that often times won't come??? keep praying. Because when we pray God is with us. And when God is with us nothing can stand against us. Pray not for what you want, not for what you think you ought to have, or what seems to be what would make life all the more better, but pray for the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, pray for Faith, pray for God''s heart. When we are not sure what we should be doing, because of changes, because of doubts, or simply because of exhaustion, close your eyes tight, call out to our Father, He has us exactly where He wants us. Not so we can get comfortable accepting our circumstances and making the best of it, nor on the other hand, fighting our circumstances and trying to change them. I pray for all of us to put our trust in Him because He is with us, let us be with Him. He has placed us just where He can use us now in ways that may be unimagnable and even unexpected to bring Him glory to make Him famous.
So I pray- Father God your love is so huge and across it all you knew my name. You bent down and lifted me out of darkness, you cleaned me, fed me, and showed me light. Lord, there are times when my nature kicks in and I am in a gear that is not suitable for the path you have chosen for me. Lord, in my confusion I may swerve and stumble. But You, who loves me, have continued to provide, to protect, to discipline, to embrace me in my every way. I myself am not worthy of this gift you give me, but your grace makes me a new creation every new day. I am your creation Lord and I pray for the Holy Spirit to grow within, I pray that I am emptied more and more everyday from my wants and needs and desires and fears, and in that space Your Spirit will dwell. I pray for a faith that will not move even in the face of opposition; even when all say 'no way!', may I always hear Your will, be it-Yes above the crowds, likewise when all say 'yes this is it'!, may i hear you clearly shall you be whispering No in the roars. Let me live by faith and not by sight. Surely I would rather have my eyes plucked-out being led by You in your light, then with eyes wide open in darkness. Thank you for my brothers and sisters, may you always protect them from weariness, doubt, and deception. Place your truth and love in our hearts so that we will never settle for our own way above Yours and may we never be mislead to believe that our way is Your way. I give thanks with all my heart to our brothers and sisters in India and thanks to all the brothers and sisters You have called to support this trip- In Jesus name I pray -Amen

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  1. Thanks Jessica for sharing your heart! What a powerful testimony of That He must become bigger and we must become smaller (John 3:30). You were such an ace to have on the team. Praise the Lord for all the gifts He has given you and for your love for Jesus