Monday, March 7, 2011

Namaste & Jai Mashi Ki! We've arrived!

Aloha and Namaste!
After 39 straight hours of travel and layovers (with very few glitches, thank you, Jesus!), we arrived in Delhi yesterday morning. God was gracious to us, and any discomfort along the way was met with sympathy and probiotics!

On past trips, we have always laid over either in Tokyo or Taipei, which meant after our extended rest, we still had to be in travel mode. This time, although the trip was grueling, the rest time was sweet, and we were able to transition as a team into ministry mode. Although we still had the plane ride from Delhi to Dehra Dun and then the drive up, up, up the mountain (which makes Hana look like Kapiolani Blvd!), we found opportunities to minister as the Holy Spirit presented amazing opportunities.

It was so good to see how the boys have grown. Creighton has been speaking into the older boys' lives already. They are so stoked to have him here. And they are hanging all over TJ (literally... he doesn't have those bulging biceps for nothing!). There is a new boy: Karan, or Gajender. He is Anil & Sandeep's cousin. He is 5, and has not yet adjusted to being here, so please pray for him.

By the way, Pono and Chris, the boys asked about you specifically, and why you weren't here! Just letting you know you were missed.

This morning we had the opportunity to worship with the boys before we met as a team for our own morning devotions and worship. Such a wonderful time of fellowship and mutual encouragement.

We are preparing today for Day One of Design for the boys. Bruce and Keane are snapping away, so we will post photos soon.

Thank you for your prayers. Through them we were sustained throughout our flight. We are so grateful. We will post more soon.

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  1. Thank you Barbs for the update! So glad that everyone is up the mountain safely after hours of travel.. praise God! I am praying specifically for the new things that God wants to reveal to everyone.. especially those that are experiencing this journey of ministry for the first time.. Father God, bless the time that the team has through equipping the older boys with DESIGN.. cover the team in health and open up opportunities for the Holy Spirit to present His signs, wonders and miracles throughout FIRS and Woodstock. I am with you all in spirit and can't wait to hear more of what God is doing in Mussoorie through everybody! Much love! -Alex