Monday, March 21, 2011

Next Generation of Nations

We've been back for almost 6 days now and already God has been doing mighty things in my own life and heart. Looking back at the last 2 weeks that I've spent traveling and being in India, I am amazed at how God works. I big moment for me was finally arriving at the Firs and walking along the sidewalk next to the house, seeing a beautiful sunset and getting an overwhelming feeling of me being home. It seems that each time I visit India, the Lord really breaks my heart a little more for where we are. I'm not sure how or why, but He just does.

The past 3 times I've traveled to India, God has really opened my eyes to what worship really is. He shows me new ways of what it means to both worship in my own heart as well as lead others in worship. With this being my fourth time to India, I was somewhat expectant on a new revelation in worship. I was ready to be "wow'd". The Lord had a little different plan in mind. What I received was definitely about worship, but it was masked in such a different way. I'm now 27 years old and married. I once envisioned this age of my life to be a typical family man. House, 2 cars, starting to have children; my vision for what God could do in me and through me was so small.

During my time in India, I saw the Lord show me the seeds that we have planted as a movement in the next generation of nations. For me, I remember being in high school and experiencing the same camp or "retreat" that we now lead. I can vividly describe the moments where I knew God was God. I can articulate the details of my experience as if it were yesterday. God has shown me a seed that will bare fruit 10-15 years from now, where once a 15 year old boy had no idea what God was up to and someday he was to be a leader of worship. The perspective and direction that I now have is completely different from when I left. I no longer am the next generation...they are.

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