Monday, March 21, 2011

Something so strange and beautiful

As I reflect on my time in India this last trip what has come to astound me is how ordinary it felt this time around. Don't get me wrong, India is an extraordinary place full of vibrant people, colors and smells, but for me it has truly began to feel as home. When I am at Firs I feel as I do right now writing from my room. God truly has done an incredible work in building a bridge for me from here to India. Originally I was born in Oregon and truth be told it feels more foreign to me than India does. I can only wonder at what the Lord will do in the future because of this. The picture I chose to post makes me laugh because when I first looked at it I did not see myself in it. I look like I belong there. I LOVE IT!!!

The trip itself was one of the most fruitful trips I have ever been on. We had an amazing design session with the boys and UTC students. They grasped the material quickly and applied it to their own lives with an even greater aptitude. They have big dreams. Whether those dreams consist of being doctors, worship leaders, businessmen, or scientists, the coolest part is that every single one of them realize that first and foremost they are a minister for Jesus Christ. Their vocation is simply a reflection of how they will minister in Hawaii. I pray the Lord brings fulfillment of these dreams in these young ones.

What is happening at Woodstock continues to amaze me. We had more students and favor than we have ever had before. This is our last year with the class that we started with, as people like Shirley and Nitisha will graduate this year. Although that saddens my heart a little bit, there is great promise in many of the younger classmen, and we can only pray that what the Lord does through them will make what has happened so far pale in comparison.

I think it is sure to say that India will forever be in my heart and God willing, in my future as well.

With much Aloha,

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  1. Brother I am inspired and moved by your faithfulness serving India!!