Monday, April 25, 2011

Stepping out in Faith!

It's very great to go to home and help my family. And I am so glad that I helped my church members, and help them to be with God. I lead in worship and help them to have the holy spirit within them. I came back with great pleasure to attend the easter meeting, and now I am preparing myself to go to Orissa and minister there with my pastor Ashish Pradhan. I am really excited to be there and share the word of God there. Can't wait longer for ministry so I just wanna start it now.
I believe in God and know that he is gonna do amazing work in my life so just doing God's will and following him. God have provided me with the great gifts of music, dancing and singing, and I know that these gifts are enough to glorify God. I hope You were blessed by reading this text. Thank You.


  1. Proud of you Bobby for stepping out and serving Him on this trip. Remember to just serve out of who God made you to be...He has knit you perfectly and as you trust and lean on will discover the wonderful way He has made you. Will be praying for you and P Ashish. Excited to hear about how the trip you.

  2. Dear Bobby,
    I am so blessed reading your entry. Especially when you say that you know that these gifts are enough to glorify God! Amen! It is so exciting to hear your joy in starting your ministry. I will also be praying for you that He protects you and continues to pour His love in your heart endlessly so that you are overflowing with His love in all that you do, through all you experience during this trip and always. Keep us posted!

  3. Thank you for sharing your love for God, Bobby! I pray that your journey will be protected and sheilded by God. Give God the glory, let the LORD shine through you.
    love always, aunty chris