Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enjoying the Rain and the New Season

Dear Friends, it's been a long gap since I posted something in the blog. I am sorry for this slackness.You are always in our hearts and we do pray for you everyday, thanking the Lord for this gift of union with you to fulfil God's purpose in this world.
It is monsoon here in Mussoorie, we have not seen the sun since last one month. This morning I took this picture while the boys were going to school. All of them are doing good.

Expect for Guddu was sick and was admitted in the hospital for last three days, but he is discharged now. One of his leg was infected so the doctors had to do a minor surgery in his left knee to remove the infection. He is much better now, recovering.

Recently, we have added five new boys to the Home, Ajay, he is Sunita's young son, remember the lady that we had met on the road, and she wanted to give her unborn baby to us, her husband passed away the next day.. God has a big plan for this family.

Three of our new boys added to our family are Himanshu, Gajender and Sachin are in the picture.

Mohit and Himanshu are big boys who have proven themselves in their poverty stricken background by working and studying, so we, Seema and I felt to give these boys a platform to grow and express the best which the Lord has for their lives.

In this picture from the left, Sachin, Ajay Jr., Pankaj, Karan and Bobby

Few of our older boys Pankaj, Karan, Gopal, Saurabh and Anil.


  1. Ashish, thanks so much for posting these photos and the update. I love the one of the boys in their school uniforms! I am excited to meet all the new boys and see all my other boys. They are getting so big! Today (7/20) is Sarah's birthday. She will feel much older than her 30 young years after seeing these photos! Love you all so much and miss you dearly. Barbara Didi

    P.S. Is the video from the steps going down to the first level of the guesthouse?

  2. Yes, the video is from the steps, you are right.
    Happy Belated Birthday to Sarah.
    Love you all.

  3. So I'm wondering if Seema's beautiful flowers are drowning? I got to see the photos from when you had the language student there. She photographed some beautiful flowers that looked like they were on and below the wall...