Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Woodstock's Invitation for the Soccer Tournament

Dear Mr. Ashish,

The Woodstock Goalathon Tournament will be held on Thursday and Friday after school, and Saturday (probably from the morning to afternoon).

This is basically how this game will work.
Each team can have as many sponsors as the team can find. Each sponsor will plege an amount of money that he/she will be paying if the team scores one goal. The number of goals will be cumulated through out the tournament. So for example, I pledge to give Rs 20 for each goal FIRS score, and throughout the tournament FIRS scored 20 goals, then I'll be paying Rs 400. This is how it will work.

This is more of a tournament for FUN and FUNDRAISING. It is a competition, but please let the boys know that they should enjoy themselves and just have fun.

Here are some information for you all to take notice of.

-) We've already told Bobby that all the boys participating should be above the age of 14 and below the age of 20.
-) It is a rule of the Woodstock Gynasium that no black-sole shoes should be worn on the field.
-) In each game, 7 people will be on a team-5(including a goal keeper) will be on the field and 2 will be substitutes.
-) The rules for a soccer game will be applied.
No hand balls.
No pushing.
Goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball with his hand within the 3 pointer.. (If the boys do not know that region is, we can show them later.)
Although there is no Red card or Yellow card.

All boys are welcome to join and watch the match even if they are not the participants of any games.
We will be mailing a more precise schedule for Goalathon tomorrow. Sorry for informing you the date this late since it wasn't confirmed until two days ago.
We've already told the school that the money raised by FIRS will go to the use of higher education (college, etc). We (NHS) will be handling the sponsor part for FIRS.

Also this is just for information, the tournament will not be played on grass so flat soled shoes would be the only option. Normal walking/ running shoes are perfectly fine. if you can then please try to make sure the shoes dont have all black soles.

The first match will probably be on this Thursday and we will send you the details about time sometime soon.
also if you could please let us know how many of the firs boys will be coming down to watch so we can order dinner for them over here.

If you have any questions or concern please let us know.

Thank You,

Uddhav and Liang Yun
Head of NHS

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