Monday, April 25, 2011

Stepping out in Faith!

It's very great to go to home and help my family. And I am so glad that I helped my church members, and help them to be with God. I lead in worship and help them to have the holy spirit within them. I came back with great pleasure to attend the easter meeting, and now I am preparing myself to go to Orissa and minister there with my pastor Ashish Pradhan. I am really excited to be there and share the word of God there. Can't wait longer for ministry so I just wanna start it now.
I believe in God and know that he is gonna do amazing work in my life so just doing God's will and following him. God have provided me with the great gifts of music, dancing and singing, and I know that these gifts are enough to glorify God. I hope You were blessed by reading this text. Thank You.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and Some Upcoming Events

Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Risen Lord Jesus.
Happy Easter, Yes, we have hope and a future because Christ is risen indeed.
We had a fabulous week. From Wednesday to Sunday, we had special meetings where the Lord showed up and ministered to us through His servant Pastor Kailash Mashi.
I am sorry for not taking any pictures for the blog, but there were many who had come from different places who were touched by the Holy Spirit and committed their lives to the Lord.
I could feel definitely that the Lord is doing something new in midst of us. The whole community is hungry to hear and to live in the fullness of Him.

I am excited for the coming month, as there is a student team from Springfield, Missouri, to minister in Orissa. They will stay in our house for 22 days, and do among the 24 kids in our home as well as visit about 12 of our churches. Bobby is joining me and Levi. Seema will remain with the boys. We will leave on April 28th and return on 29th May.
Please pray for our trip. May the Lord teach us and mold us for His purpose. May our hearts be in tune with the Holy Spirit from the time we step out of Firs till we return home safely.

This will be my second trip to somewhere with one of my boys. The first time I went with Ajay to rescue Anil and Sandeep. Now Bobby joins me for this ministry trip. I am sure the Lord has stored many things in the days ahead.