Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing Our New Boys

The boy with the cap is Ajay. He is Sunita's son who lost her husband the day after we met her and gave away her baby boy to one of the servants of the Lord. We took him few months back. He is bit poor in studies. The big boy is Mohit, who lost his father few years back, but finished his 9th Class with much difficulty while doing part time job. We wanted to give him a platform to shine for Lord Jesus. The third boy is Gajender, who is a cousin to Anil and Sandeep. The grandma brought this boy here a few months ago.

Below is the picture of Himanshu, who comes from Munsiyari, the village of Puspa and Lata. This boy comes from a very poor family, but he proved himself by studying in a difficult situation. If we had not taken him, he would have to stop his studies. So when he passed his tenth, we took him to help him in his further studies. We believe that God has a great plan for this boy and he will be a channel of blessing to many in the days to come.

This is Sachin, with Promod. He comes from a very poor family. He lost his father last year, and his mother was unable to take care of the four children, so we took him. He goes to the playschool with Promod, Levi and David. He does not speak Hindi, and it is fun to watch him as he speaks to the boys in Garhwali language.

This is our newest boy, just received him this Wednesday. His name is Madan. His parents left him. When I heard about him, I felt that this is another Bablu: his parents have left him and the people with whom he was staying have tortured him a lot. His back is burnt and he has scars all over his body. There are deep marks in his wrists from the ropes that they used to tie him.
I am glad he has come here, but is very mischievous, always fighting with the boys for something. I know it is because of the rough background that he comes from. Need your prayers for him.