Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Work Is Started

Seema and Anu with two of our rescued girls Deepali and Shalina, who is only two years old.

Above Muskan,Anuja and Afsana in the picture.

Above, Brother Moses who has freely given us his house.

My father Pastor Abraham with the girls.

Below, Bobby and Guddu, with Radha, who is two and half year old girl.

I am so excited to announce a new work that the Lord has begun here in Dehradun. My sister Anu, who had a great desire and burden from the Lord to have a Home for the daughters of the women who are being forcefully sold into prostitution in New Delhi.
We have rescued 7 girls so far, this is a miracle. We are aiming to take 10 girls now.Brother Stan and Sister Lana, whom the last team had met in New Delhi are partnering with this project. But, I am so thrilled to see the boys owning these small girls when they came straight to Mussoorie before going to Dehradun. One of my best friend and my prayer partner Brother Prakash Moses has graciously given us freely his house in Dehradun to use for this work.
On the 10th Sept, Levi's Birthday, we dedicated this work. Few of our big boys, with Brother Girsh, Lata and Om were present there from Mussoorie. My father Pastor Abraham and my youngest sister Amreeta were also present there, along with many local people from Dehradun.