Friday, March 16, 2012

Hulo hulo for Didi

Dearest Sister Barbara

Heidi and I, our church and the India/Laos team has been blessed by your faithful work to produce this survival devotional. This is incredible work. So many times when reading a passage or someone's thoughts or prayers, we have been moved to tears by the Holy Spirit. It is that same Spirit that choked me up years ago taking my team to Nepal. That same Spirit touched me when Jill Matro read Dean's devotion as we sat in Honolulu Airport about ready to leave for their first India trip. That same Holy Spirit when David Matsuura read Aaron Harris' devo in Ashish and Seema's house that has us all crying. We know how hard you work behind the scenes to prod, poke, coerce, gently encourage so many to participate in this. I am so sorry that it is like pulling teeth (pun intended), but you and your family are good at that. The Holy Spirit in you is causes you to persevere. It is the reason why His word does not come back empty. When we are reading what is happening in India and Laos in the devotional on the team faith blog, we feel like we are right there. We are imagining all that is happening, and we can pray while God does His work. Thank you so much for connecting us all. Thank you for your obedience and gentle manner that allows us to participate in His divine nature. Your work is critical to His mission--as much as Aunty Sharon's or Pastor Creighton's. May God bless you, your marriage, your children and your home for your sacrifice (of sleep and other stuff), you incredible effort, and your sincere love for Jesus.

We love you so much.

Kiha and Heidi and 'ohana and ALL of TEAM INDIA and LAOS

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