Monday, March 5, 2012

Life Journal Reading for Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Tuesday morning in Mussoorie, and I am imagining the team as several of them experience their first ever morning with the boys in devotions. I can see them in my mind's eye, sitting, weeping and praising God at the enigma that is these young orphan boys with not much more than the shirts on their backs, praising and worshiping God in song with their beautiful voices because He is enough, more than enough, and because He loves them more than they could ever imagine. He has given them hope in a hopeless country. He has their hearts, and soon the team will begin to understand the pull that keeps us going back to Mussoorie.

Today's journal entry is shared by Kuhi Matro, who was a member of the Taiwan Travel Team in 2011 and who's mom, dad, brother, and one of her sisters have all been to Mussoorie.

Deuteronomy 3,4; Psalm 36; Mark 13
“All these cities were fortified with high walls and with gates and bars… We completely destroyed them…” --Deuteronomy 3:5-6

Sometimes you will come across people who, like the Argob cities, have built high walls around themselves. Do not be discouraged. God is with you, and He will deliver them to you, so that His word may be spoken to them through you. Do not be afraid of the walls, for they are invitations for miracles.

That being said…
“May the foot of the proud not come against me, nor the hand of the wicked drive me away.” --Psalm 36:11

God has hand-selected each one of you to minister, and be ministered to, by the people in Mussoorie. He created a plan for this mission, and way before any of you knew you were going to be half-way across the world today, God named you a vital piece of this plan. So do not doubt yourself, for that is equivalent to doubting God. Be confident in the Lord. If you're trying to figure out how to change yourself in order to impress others, then stop. There is something uniquely you that you offer to this mission. So do not let any evil tongue of prideful spirit deter you from the path that God has paved ahead of you.

Dear Father Lord, I pray over your team in Mussoorie. I take comfort in knowing that you have gone before your team, and you have secured a path for them to follow. Please keep your hand on them, and watch over them each step of the way. Let every new day bring forward a more vibrant image of you, Father. Let your love shine so clearly that people will be able to look at the person sitting next to them, and see your unmistakable touch. May your mission be at the forefront of the team members' minds, and please keep them guarded from the spirit of pride. Please keep everyone safe and healthy as they step out in faith, and complete the mission you have assigned them. In your son, Jesus', precious name, Amen.

Kuhi Matro

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