Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Memorable Day Out with Ben

I have a story to tell you, it happened in November of 2011. I was returning from Delhi to Mussoorie by a local bus. The bus was pretty empty--I had a full seat all to myself. But then after traveling for a while, I had to change my place and sit beside a young man as the bus conductor wanted to have my seat. Change is always annoying! I could have done a number of things while sitting in that seat: maybe take a nap or read a magazine or listen to the music.

After some time, however, I found out that the gentleman beside whom I had to sit happened to be a business man and very friendly. He was from Delhi and was going to Dehradun on business. It was a Sunday, so knowing he was going to have to stay in a hotel, I offered him to come to Mussoorie and stay with us. He readily accepted that offer. I love doing that, for I see the Lord’s hand in every small thing.

So this gentleman, whose name by the way is Vinny, comes to my home--a stranger whom I had no reason to bring to my home. He went to Dehradun the next day morning, but came back to Mussoorie to be with us as his work didn’t finish. In fact, he had to call his senior business partners during his two days' stay in Mussoorie, and two of them came and stayed along with him for another day.

Since then I had not met him again until yesterday, when I came to Delhi to receive Ben. Life is full of surprises! Knowing that I would be in Delhi, he came just to see us and took us around the city to many places. I had no agenda as to what we would be doing while in Delhi, but Vinny made our day very special. I thought he would just come and meet us somewhere and then go back to his usual work. But he had kept this day free so that he could take us around Delhi for a cruise. We had a wonderful day. Photos are coming…


  1. What a marvelous story, Ashish! We do indeed serve a God of wonders, who knows the end from the beginning. What a blessing that you are so open and friendly as to make the best of the situation on the bus, and this kindness turns out to be a boon for you and Ben! Looking forward to the photos. In fact, if you would like, when you post them, I can in turn post them on this entry. Let me know.

    Didi (who is missing you all very much!)

  2. God's plans are not our plans ! He is an amazing God ! Serve Him well and He will give you blessings !

  3. I'm so blessed by your story Ashish! Please post pictures! I knew Ben was going to have a wonderful time with you but I had no idea it would be this special. I love how God takes care of every detail. I love all of you so much..........and feel so very connected. It's ALL GOD!!!