Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moving On- Sunil and Guddu

Amit and Ganesh have passed out in their high school exams. We are so happy for these two godly young men. They have enrolled themselves for the 12th class in a different school in Mussoorie. Though Ganesh is still contemplating about the direction he should take in the future. Amit is very sure that he want to be in the ministry, a pastor in the market place. Sunil went to Nagaland music school in the North East India with Jai Chand. It was his dream to train himself as a professional musician for the glory of God. One of our wonder boy is Guddu, he always challenges me personally with his determination to excel. He does not want to settle for mediocrity, that is why he has gone to Delhi last week to study hardware. He does not have any formal teaching before, he has never been to school so whenever he went for doing this course, he was asked to provide his educational certificates, failing to do that he was shown the back door. But God opened a door for him, a professional hardware engineer has taken personal interest in him to train Guddu and involve him in his business later when his training is over. This is a miracle, the Lord has done this work in Guddu's life beyond our imagination.

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  1. Wow, what exciting steps all these boys are taking! Give them our love and blessings.