Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nepal Trip

The above pictures are from Bharatpur, Nepal.

Brother Raju, who has worked in our boys home mussoorie, lives in Pokhra with his family and has a great ministry.
Pokhra, Nepal one of the beautiful town, for me it  is a combination of Mussoorie, Nanital and Dehradun, 


  1. These are some beautiful photos! Hope we can meet Brother Raju one day. So, did Bruce get to ride an elephant?

    1. No, he didn't, as it was super expensive to ride an elephant. May be next time!!!

  2. Hi Pastor Ashish ~ Thank you for taking Bruce on a mission with you. God had a plan for both you and Bruce to spread His light with the India people. Through Bruce's lens, we can see God's hands in every corner of the world. May God continue His blessings over you and everyone at home in Mussoorie and around you.