Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our New Boys

Tshiring practicing his Hawaiian greeting, the shaka
This is Tshiring (pronounced as Shiring), from Leh, Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir). He is 6 years old, comes from a very poor family.

Tshiring, Piyush, Ashu and Gopal
Ashu, age 2-1/2
Piyush (5 years old) and Ashu (2-1/2 years old) are from Delhi, from the street. They don't have any legitimate father, and the mother is not able take care of these boys. My sister Anu, helped me to find these boys as she was rescuing the girls in Delhi. Ashu had a very tough time for the first few days, but now he is adjusting to the new environment.

The following photos are of Akash (5 years) and his younger brother Rishab (3 years). Their parents got divorced and abandoned them. Nobody knows their whereabouts or whether they are alive or dead.

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  1. What beautiful new boys God has brought for you to raise up for him! I am looking forward to meeting them! Thank you for posting, Ashish.