Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tushar-The Boy Whom Nobody Wanted

This is Tushar, about 7 years old, a boy who is a little mentally challenged. We did not know about his condition till we got this boy. A man from a remote village came to us and said that there is a boy whose parents are dead, and he does not have a place to stay, could you please take him? Seema and I, decided that lets give this homeless orphan boy shelter, let him find a family here in Mussoorie.  So a few villagers who are not related to this boy brought him.

When Tushar arrived, it did not take long to find out why this boy was sent to us. He is a kind of boy who needs very special attention. For the first few days it was not easy for us to keep this boy under control: he had difficulty taking food, and did not know how to use the bathroom properly. We put him with the smaller boys where Pankaj and Vicky are the big brothers.

So Tushar came as a challenge to all of us, especially to Seema, Vicky and Pankaj. There are times when he would do potty in his pants and not listen to anybody. For a while we thought we might have to send this boy away, but knowing that he does not have anyplace else to go--and that God loves this boy--enabled us to rise to this challenge. Thankfully, he has developed a lot in the past weeks: he can read and write but often keeps babbling to himself. Please join us in praying for Tushar. We believe God has a wonderful plan for him.

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  1. Of course it would be Pankaj and Vicky who would be the big brothers...the pastors :)

    God never gives us more challenge than we can handle, so I am excited to see what He has in store both for Tushar and for all of you. Seema, I will be praying for you!