Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Double Blessings

Dear Friends, first of all I would like to beg your pardon for my laziness and inconsistency in writing and posting in the blog since couple of months. A lot of things keep happening here and I realize that I must discipline myself for this task. I can't afford to sacrifice some of the most important things in the expense of others. Joe and family arrived here yesterday.  All of us here are so happy for their home coming. And tomorrow David Matsuura and six others are coming to visit us. They will arrive late in the night, as their flight arrives New Delhi at 5 pm in the evening. It is summer so there are no space in the train, so we will bring them in a 12 seater mini bus. Girish and I will be going to New Delhi to receive them. I am hoping the roads are better now comparing to last few years, so we are expecting to be here in Mussoorie by 1 am in the morning. The boys are doing great, we have got few new boys, I will be posting their pictures soon with their little stories. Thank you so very much for everything that you do sacrificially for us. May God bless you. with much love and regards ashish