Thursday, June 21, 2012

And it's only the beginning!

I've been here in Mussoorie for about 4 days now.  I've gone through multiple obstacles just getting here--from losing my luggage on my first layover in Manila, having to wait in Delhi for one more day to try to straighten out the luggage issue, driving to Mussoorie all the way from Delhi (an interesting experience), and being a wedding photographer for an Indian wedding in a village in the middle of nowhere in the Himalayas (I was asked last minute..haha). This picture was taken on our drive to that village

I am enjoying my time so much here, and I thank everyone for the friendship we have that only God could have orchestrated. Stan and Lana, for letting Ashish and me stay at their place in Delhi, Anu, Bobby and Pinky for picking my bag up at the airport, Ashish & Seema and everyone at the Firs for their hospitality and love, and all the boys for just making life fun! I really thank the LORD for what He has done here to bring our lives all together. I've been posting pics on Instagram and Facebook, so check it out! Love you all.