Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Makku Ministry in Jan 2013

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Happy new year 2013.

There is a village about 250 km away from Mussoorie, by name Makku. It is a pilgrim place for many as the god of our hindu friends is carried to this village temple in a particular time of the year. To know a bit more about this pilgrim place please visit this website

The Lord took us to Makku on the 9th Jan. We had gone with the families, Brother Girish and his wife Lata and son Joshua, Brother Om, his wife Puspa, cousin Usha and son Abhinav, then Seema, Levi and me,all together 10 members. 

We left mussoorie on the 8th, Friday reached Kirtinagar in the evening, stayed overnight and next day early in the morning left for Makku. The Lord is blessing Deepak and Asha who are doing ministry in Kirtinagar, and the enemy had started attacking their family, so our purpose was twofold to counsel and pray with this couple and then to visit Makku, we wanted to stay in Makku for 3 hours at the max, and the main purpose is to visit the girl Muskan, who had met with an accident. To give you a little background of the story, in our last visit few months back to this village, we saw how in front of our eyes, this girl broke her leg. We offered whatever help we could provide to this girl and came back to Mussoorie.

So on the 9th, at 7:15 am we left for Makku and reached there at noon time. We stopped near a tin shade where the girl was carried in after she met with the accident. Found out that her grand pa and grand ma are having lunch. But as soon as they saw us, they rushed out of their shed and shockingly the old man started touching our feet.  We stopped him from doing that, his heart was so full of gratitude we could not believe that. The grand ma started shedding tears, I was confused for a while why she was crying, but later realized that it was tears of thankfulness. Though we had done nothing, had shown our care that we wanted to take that girl to the hospital, and next day visited the girl and gave her some fruits and prayed for her, and of course we had given some money towards the treatment. But we thought may be they will not recognize us or have forgotten about the incident and moved forward with the busy lives. But to our utter amazement we found that as if the time has stopped there even after such long gap.

The girl Muskan remembered us ever since. The grandma was telling us how Muskan was always talking about us. 

The grand pa went to school to call Muskan, we saw her took pictures with her, talked to her. We believe she is a chosen girl and God has a purpose in her life. Muskan's parents were so delighted to see us, in our last visit we had not seen them. Her father's name is Prem Singh, and they have Mule which they use to carry the pilgrims to Tungnath temple. These are the winter season so he stayed home.

Then we went to their house, and had tea and shared the gospel. We asked if there are any sick persons in the house. We found out that one of the daughter in law, Saraswati, had a swollen leg. We prayed for her, seeing that one lady came to us and asked us to pray for her, her name Kamala, she had pain in her body, after prayer she said that the pain is gone.  Then she called a man, Bharat, in whose house there are a lots of conflicts, we prayed for him too.

We were so taken aback by the response of these people. God has already working in their hearts, it is surely an answer to prayers. They are open to us, Even as we were leaving the place the family brought some dal and dry fruits and gave us. Our hearts were melted seeing this,  they loved us as if we were their own relatives and they know us since many years.

We left that place rejoicing. Then we went to Chopta and played with snow and took some pictures. 

God has called us to be witness to many in this Himalayan region. Thank you so very much for your prayers and partnership in this work.