Saturday, February 15, 2014

Strategy Session with Joe

Had a great 1/2 day vision/strategy session with Joe and the team leaders. For such a time as this! Dad is going to use this hard unreached remote city to touch a nation and the world. We place our hope in Him!

Left the boys :(

Today we left the orphanage around 8 am and had to say good bye to half the boys. The other half trekked with us for 1 hour down the mountain in snow and slush while helping to carry our luggage. They are such sweet and loving boys.
In America only for super important visits do family and friends even park the car at an airport opposed to just driving by to pick up their guest. The kind sweet boys walked with us! I love the hospitality of all of them. I will truly miss their company. I'm so glad to have met them and the opportunity to get to know many of them.
I love you all, I hope I get to see you all again.

Another story to be told

Every trip has it's own unique story...  But this is a first for us!  A trek down the mountain in a snow storm. Over half the Boy's home made the journey with us and what we thought would be the most dreadful part of this trip turned into a blessing!  
Love our family in India!

Holy Spirit you are welcome here!

What an amazing night of worship!  Ko, Bobby, Sushil and Sandeep leading us into the presence of the Holy Spirit. Addiction is broken, lives healed and hearts filled with his love. 
Jesus you are mighty to save!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Every mission has its unique twists :)

Those Boys are Becoming Young Men...of God!

Great to see everyone! Boys doing great and chasing after God's call on their lives. Imagine the miracle of raising up pastors that will for the next generation. Jai Mashi Ki P.S. Bobby has grown so much after finishing his DTS. Proud of this young man. Pray for him that He will keep Jesus at the center of EVERYTHING!

Fun in the Snow

Having FUN in the predicts more of the same for the next several days. Seems like we will be trekking down to Claremont or lower with our luggage to catch a cab to the airport. Group is small and young..except for me. :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prayers please

Mussoorie is once again covered in a beautiful white blanket that is great to play in but hard to make one's way through in order to get down the mountain to the airport! Please pray that the snow lets up by time they leave tomorrow, otherwise their trek down might look like the photo...

Hanging on to all that God provides!

The Lord is doing some amazing things here at FIRS.  It is an absolute blessing to be surrounded by boys with such incredible faith for Jesus!  No matter the trails, it's pretty evident that these kids will always remember to put God first.

Been running around all day in many ways

Lots of things have been happening like strategic planning, prayer, worship, and relationship building.

Some of the best parts have definitely been being with the boys!!!! Here's some of those cuties!!!

Standing in tomorrow's promise

Today we stood together in prayer over the future Himalayan Bible School.  What looks like a broken down building, God  will soon raise to be a beacon of hope for a nation.  A place to raise up pastors to reach the hardest people groups in India.  

We don't walk by what we see but by the promises of God!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Eat, Love, Pray

Eating lunch and sharing amazing stories of life.  So blessed to be with these fine young men

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Missions in India=awesome food

Got in late last night and fell asleep early. Woke up this morning and got to jump straight into worship of God with the boys :)

It's awesome to praise God in a language you don't know.

And eating Indian food is proving to be awesome!!!!

Happy Birthday Keane!

Happy Birthday Keane, God bless you and make you a blessing to many! Thank you for choosing to come to meet your family on this special day.

Starting the day off right

Open the eyes of our hearts Lord I want to see you. 

Keane's birthday reception!

Monday, February 10, 2014

1 Hour out of Delhi

Yay! Our heroes are back on track, scheduled to land in Delhi in 1 hour.  There they will get to rest overnight before catching one more flight to Dehradun, where they will meet up with Ashish and Joe and several of the older boys who are currently studying in Dehradun.  After some time together, they will head up the windy road to Mussoorie and the Firs.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Morning charge at Starbucks!

The journey continues

As we leave Japan this morning  for Bangkok then on to India. The journey continues 

Praise The Lord

We are staying in a hotel in Osaka, and last night we ate udon.  Was oishii kata.  This day will be a long day getting to Delhi through Bangkok with a 5 hour layover and switching planes. PTL at least our bags are with us.
 We get into Delhi maybe 1am tues and then fly from Delhi to deradhun around 11ish.  Phew.

Team is great and everyone is excited to meet the boys in Mussoorie!  Trust and obeying Him!


Pili Grass...

Made their way from Osaka to Bangkok...overnighting in Bangkok...Thai Airlines BKK-DEL, arriving not too much later than originally scheduled considering the adjustments ... SEAL Team awesomeness!  Spirit-Enabled, Ably Led.

Crazy beginnings

Delayed in Honolulu but no problem. Now in japan which is good news. However in wrong city because there was too much snow in narita. Now just waiting on plane to get instructions of how to get to our city :)