Thursday, April 16, 2015

Devotional Reading for Friday, April 17, 2015

Today's Reading: 1 Samuel 19; 1 Chronicles 7; Psalm 59; Matthew 4

“Come follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” — Matthew 4:19

Jesus was the prime example of calling out other men and making them disciples, or in other words followers of Him. At the Sea of Galilee, Jesus notices a few fishermen, and He approaches them very intentionally. We’re not exactly sure if any conversations happened prior, but Jesus in His courage and boldness in knowing who He was essentially says, “Come with me, and I will repurpose your identity with a new and redefined one that will be your renewed purpose and plan for your life.” It appears that just a short statement was so full of authority, enough for Peter and Andrew to completely leave everything that they had invested in order to become not only the greatest students and learners of Jesus and His ways... but also the greatest mentors, coaches and teachers of the Word. This very same thing happened to James and John immediately after. Jesus was pulling men in like a fisherman casting out his net with the expectancy of people not only coming to Him but also becoming more like Him.

My encouragement as you and your team minister to God’s saints at Firs, even at the retreat’s get-go, is that you love on them, teach them, grow on them as if we have already claimed them for Christ. They are already gathered there with great expectancy of wanting to grow and expand their knowledge and hearts to become more like Christ. Claim them for Jesus, and call them out for how God sees them! This is the culture of honor, where we elevate others even in their deficiencies to the Lord’s best, that not only are they loved, treasured and cherished, but they are leaders for the next generation!! You are ministering to future pastors, evangelists, missionaries, entrepreneurs, culture builders and shifters that the Lord has chosen to claim not only Mussoorie but all of India for His glory. The Holy Spirit had the power not only to raise Christ from the dead, to heal the blind, deaf, and mute... but also to claim each and every person at the retreat and also all the people that they will divinely influence in regions beyond for eternity. Boldly minister with what Heidi Baker claims as the power of one... to each man, woman, child one by one with hearts fully present and the love of Jesus fully invested... and before all else, know that by you already taking the step of faith to come to Mussoorie, you yourselves have dropped everything to follow Jesus in a united body of Christ with one heart and one mission.  What power there is that we can all partner together to claim the hearts of the lost so that they may walk in His light!  You are walking in your Great Commission call... and the return you will receive through your faithfulness will become a fulfillment of joy through proclaiming the Gospel in how you think, feel, and live (1 John 1:4). You are the light of the world, and because the light of Jesus is in you, minister out of His rest, empowerment, and overflow to eternally influence the leaders of tomorrow! Glory be to God!

Dear Jesus, thank you for each and every fisher of men that you have so thoughtfully crafted for this 2015 trip to Mussoorie! Continue to redefine the hearts of Your saints as they walk in faith to partner with the God movement that is happening in India! May each member be able to walk away with things that this world cannot offer... and in exchange for their willingness, gift them with the things that are from the heavens and all of eternity. Fill each person with the Holy Spirit; it is not by their strength but by Yours that we together can claim all of India for Jesus!


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