Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to share a memorable part of my trip! I gave my testimony for the first time in the bible school and it was really great to hear such positive feedback and the constructive criticism. But even better was hearing the testimonies of the older boys. Hearing about the struggles and problems they have faced made my problems feel minuscule. Just believing in God here is greeted with persecution. Many of the boys have stories of being punished just for their beliefs in terrible ways. These people here are among the most faithful and toughest I have ever had the blessing of meeting. Hearing their stories and how they deal with these trials was truly inspiring. I can only hope to someday have the perseverance that they have here in India.


  1. Thanks for sharing your testimony Noah, it is amazing to see how our God is working in whole world. Saving young people like you and also people like Mukesh. Surely His time is perfect, and it's not about us. His ways are wonderful. Every since this team has come they have blessed us abundantly. May the Lord receive all the glory.

  2. What a great testimony and opportunity Noah! I'm sure it is going to hard leave tomorrow. Once you are there it so easy to get attached and want to give more of yourself to these young boys. I am sure there are going to miss you but also remember the 6'3" giant with a gentle heart! You will leave a piece of your hear with those boys and you take a piece of their heart home with you. A trip that is truly priceless leave an impact on them. Praising God that you were able to be part or a life changing experience. Love you so much, Betty