Friday, April 17, 2015

Home Sweet Home

You grow up hearing the saying, "There's nothing like home." That's exactly what the FIRS is... Home. It's a brotherhood. It's family. 

It has been nearly two years since my first mission trip to Mussoorie. That's way too long when it comes to seeing your little brothers. But once I stepped foot back onto the scene, it's as if I never left. It's as if we never skipped a beat. 

Sure, the time has flown by. Many of them have grew taller. Some now have facial hair. Some have deeper voices. But although appearances and seasons change, the relationships between us didn't. I am still overjoyed when greeted with the warm hugs and hellos. I still have the most fun playing futbol, cricket, and ninja. Most of all, I cherish the love we exchange with one another. 

I'm going to make the most of my time here with my family. I'm looking forward to creating new memories and growing deeper relationships. It's all by God's grace I get to do his work and meet AMAZING people along the way! 

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