Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This is really my first blog entry. I write this as I'm on a plane from Narita, Japan to Delhi, India. We aren't even there yet! But I've done a lot of reflecting up to this point.

I feel like we have been traveling for two days already, which we sort of have. So far we've put in nearly 18 hours of flight time with 4 to go. Prior to leaving Hawaii, I was trying to mentally prepare myself for India. I was emotionally trying to prepare myself for India. I was trying to set my heart right so that I wouldn't be going through the motions on this trip, so that I could open a clear channel between God and my heart in order to do what we came here(well, I'm not "here" in India yet, but you know what I mean) to do. What did we come here to do? Well I know what our activities are going to be, and what program to follow, but I think only God knows what we are going to "do," and ultimately what God will do for us.

But in all that preparation prior to leaving it's been so easy to forget it all and get lost in the grey area between Hawaii and India. The group is GREAT. I'm having so much fun already just traveling with my fellow brothers and sisters. But I have to remember not to lose focus on what our mission is. And to come before God with a humble heart and desire to serve.

I firmly believe that Satan has been working hard to distract me the last two months. And those distractions won't stop…not when we leave Hawaii, not even when we get to India. This morning we had a bit of group devotion/sharing time and Creighton reminded us not to be distracted. It was good to hear.

I think that a lot of people think mission trips are about work and actions. A lot of times they are. But what I think many miss is that it's more than just actions, because if fulfilling actions was the only goal, you could arrive at the goal but in a completely wrong way, and in a way not pleasing to God. I pray that the entire team keeps focus on the Lord and a right heart. I'm lucky to be traveling with such a solid family. I am confident that if we continue to support and encourage each other, God's plan will prevail. -James C.

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