Saturday, April 18, 2015

True love

First time to India, and I am lost for words on how the Lord has been showing up in such POWER. He is evidently here in this place, there is no doubt about it. The hearts of these amazing boys, families, and leaders are simply amazing to see and get to build relationships with. I have the honor and priviledge to have fun and spend time with the little boys, and it's been a BLAST! Aren't they just full of never ending energy! Not just that but their never ending LOVE. It's really a beautiful thing to be able to see, feel and hug these boys who just love. They love each other, love you, and love God like no other. I've been walking away the past 2 nights just speechless and incredibly FULL of all that the Lord has been doing from start to finish each day. Today was a big stretch for me as I had the opportunity to teach the word from the book of Daniel to these little ones. It was all about Trusting in God. The coolest part about this whole thing was how God was having me walk through exactly that before I even knew I was going to be doing this... the Lord brought me to a place where I needed to really look into my life and ask myself, Do I really trust God with all that I have? It's always such a cool thing where God will walk with you through exactly what you need to work on and NEED at that very moment before He will allow you to move on and take the step with Him, trusting in Him that He's got it all under control. Jesus' presence is everywhere I go, and I feel his Holy spirit so strongly on these kids. They know what it means to love, to really love with all they have, and it's such a beautiful thing to witness this all with my own eyes.
Thank you Jesus for your beautiful children, your beautiful country India, and for your love! You are our first true love, may we love others as YOU LOVE us! In Jesus name, Amen!

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