Friday, March 31, 2017

Each one teach one

Each one teach one. Here is Tehani pouring herself out and serving the next generation of believers! Our friend Sonam shared with us that in Mussoorie, they focus on discipleship and fellowship more than anything. He shared that he felt like sometimes we get caught up trying to do too much, and in the end we end up getting less done, we end up making less of an impact. Keep it simple! Can you imagine if every believer just focused on making one disciple? One younger person who you pour yourself out for, someone you invite into your family to serve and teach in the ways of the Lord. This relationship works both ways as I gain more wisdom, grow in faith, and I'm held accountable for my actions and the things that come from my mouth. We are here to bring heaven down to earth, to build Gods kingdom, NOW! Let's all try to remember to focus on the one. Let's partner with God to bring about a revival. One that lasts longer than a generation.

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