Thursday, March 30, 2017

One thing God's teaching me thus far: It's all heart

On this whole trip so far, God has been showing me just how powerful His love is.  To be completely honest, I was nervous going into this, not knowing what to expect.  I had put God in a box, thinking that because of my imperfections, His plan would somehow be thwarted or hindered.  "What good could plain old talking and playing games do?" I'd skeptically worried.  But God is so good; He's been totally demolishing this lie.  In every situation, He's proven that His love is all we need.  For instance, I didn't think I could connect with the younger boys at first, but God told me to just embrace the awkwardness and uncertainty, step out in faith, and love on them in the best way that I could.  And I didn't realize it, but in each of those instances, He was planting seeds of love.  The boys themselves model this so well.  Even in their still-developing, tentative English, their hearts touch ours in a way that brings tears to the eyes.  Even with their young voices and limited sound equipment, their songs of worship are the most beautiful expression of God's love you'll have ever heard.  It's like God's telling me, through the hearts of these children- we don't have to be perfect, because He is, and if we just obey and allow Him to work through us, His will shall be done.  All He wants a willing heart. The devotions from a few days ago talked about how love is the main ingredient in all we do; without it, all our efforts are for nothing.  It really doesn't matter what that looks like; whether it is asking a child about their dreams, touching a friend's shoulder, or even washing the dishes, if we obey out of a heart of love for God and His precious people, God Himself will bring about transformation! He's spoken to me in countless other people—from the testimonies of the leaders of the children's homes, to the faithful, trusting hearts of my team members in uncertain situations, to the little boys' skits today about ordinary people being used for extraordinary things, He's provided resounding confirmation.  I've truly been able to experience it firsthand—we only need to take the next step, and He multiplies our efforts more than we could ever imagine. I'm both grateful and excited beyond words to see what you'll do next, God.

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