Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We've Arrived in Mussoorie!

After many days of travel and visiting old and new friends in Dehradun, we have finally arrived in Mussoorie... and our greeting was just what any prior team member would expect!  Fireworks, smiles, hugs, updates...

And, omigosh, you wouldn't believe how some of these boys have grown!  I think Karan is taller than me now, and Anil... I can't believe he's 17 now!  The team had a good rest last night, so they will begin posting some of their insights and observations on the blog today. But here are just a few to tide you over.

 We are blessed that Gopal is in town during our stay as he waits for his papers to begin his career in the Indian Navy.
Meet some of the older boys who live at House of Life: Sonu, Rohan, Fazil, Sazid, Sunny & Arif.  Most of these boys are sons of women who are forced to work in the Red Light District in Delhi.  Some of the older boys have themselves been involved in the "business" in various capacities.  Life at the Boys Home is a respite and treasure for them.

 More of the boys: Vishal, Sonu, Akash, Kishan, Arif, Rohan, Fazil, Piyush, Saharukh; (in front) Ashu, Rahul, Raja, Akash, (hey! how did Max get in there??), Anshu, and Sazid.

We were blessed to be able to bring ukuleles donated by some ukulele businesses who love music and children.  We divided up the ukuleles among the three children's homes that we are visiting.  And how blessed are we that we brought with us a fabulous ukulele/music teacher! Here is Max showing Akash how to make chords on the ukulele.

Some of the children, like Fazil here, picked up the ukulele pretty quick!

We're looking forward to sharing many more photos and impressions over the next several days.  Please keep us in your prayers.  Some of us were traveling sick but thankfully haven't gotten any worse.

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